Kean Coffee

Martin Diedrich is a coffee connoisseur, considered to be one of the pioneers of the coffeehouse phenomenon. He has been a Master Roaster for over 21 years and is an internationally recognized coffee expert.  Martin founded and built over 30 coffeehouses between 1984 and 1996 which were thriving creative hives and popular gathering places in their respective neighborhoods. His success led to Diedrich Coffee going public and in 2004 began to manifest a new vision: a state-of-the-art, cutting edge coffeehouse that would bring back the community feeling, coffee connoisseurship and a cultural atmosphere.

In December of 2005, Martin and Karen opened the doors of Kéan Coffee which has already developed a loyal following of customers with its high quality artisan coffees and they currently have 2 cafes. Shared social, environmental and global awareness and community oriented values and design sense led Kean Coffee to eVocal when they decided to refresh the cafe environments, evolve the design aesthetic and in the process establish a direction for future coffeehouses should the opportunity arise.

We have been working with Kean over the last year to begin to transform their environments… starting out in their Tustin location.  We’ve collaborated with Martin and Karen and are beginning to bring their vision to life adding unique furniture, artistic fixtures and  creative signage. The challenge has been to blend new elements within the existing design aesthetic in a tasteful yet impactful manor which we’ve been able to accomplish successfully.  More to follow…



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